Distraction City

I should be folding the laundry.  It has taken over our soon-to-arrive exchange student’s room, and lies draped in wrinkled, week-old piles all over the carefully chosen IKEA furniture.  Every time I wash a load of laundry, I manage to fold and put away a few items (or just dress myself and my two children straight from the dryer), before I get distracted by a weeping baby, a needy husband, dinner burning, or a strong desire to get online and see what Wikipedia has to say about Joss Whedon.  The latter was my distraction this evening.  By the way, there’s no way you can just look up a director/scriptwriter/all-around quirky genius like Joss Whedon for five minutes.  I kept reading interesting little tidbits.  For example, did you know that his father wrote for the show “Leave it to Beaver”?  What a chasm of difference between that show and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”!  I just loved “Buffy”.  I got really into it, even though I’m a chicken and have never once watched the show alone because the fake-looking monsters scare the patootie out of me.  And what about Nathan Fillon’s portrayal of the villain “Caleb”, huh?  Was he scary or what?  

Then I need to Google Search Nathan Fillon, which leads me to see what’s going to happen in the next season of his current show, “Castle”, and on and on it goes.  

Either the internet distracts me from the oh-so-joyous task of folding laundry, or a Creative Project distracts me from folding laundry after the kids have gone to bed.  (Or their rooms, in my son’s case.  I tuck my 2-year-old cutie into bed at 9:00, but he gets up and runs around in the dark until 11:00).  My current Creative Project is another dress for my sister, Beth.  I made her a Monique dress from Kay Whitt’s pattern recently, and she looked so cute in it, I started another.  I have all the fabric pieces except interfacing cut out.  I HATE the way interfacing feels–so scratchy and synthetic and clingy–so I am going to wait until tomorrow, again, to cut it out.  Also, I have no business working any more on a dress when I have a room full of laundry waiting to be folded.  

That room is so handy.  We fixed it up so nicely as a guest bedroom and bought some furniture and put some little touches in it especially for our exchange student (who arrives in 3 weeks).  We vowed to stay out of it and keep it pristine and pure and clutter-free until Reinhilde arrived, but you know what?  It is just so handy for stuffing clean laundry in.  It’s a habit so firmly ingrained in me, I’m terrified that after Reinhilde gets here, I’ll just open her bedroom door one day and toss clean laundry on her bed without even thinking about it.  

Speaking of being terrified, I am going to be (sort of) the mother of an 18-year-old teenaged girl/woman in a short time!  AAAAAAHHHH!   It’s not that I’m worried about her sneaking boys in or smoking pot, or being difficult to live with.  We’ve been in contact and she seems absolutely lovely, and (embarrassingly for me) possibly more mature than I am. (Despite my husband and two children, I seem to have stopped maturing at 25–almost 10 years ago).  I am honestly nervous about having a much younger woman in my house that I am officially responsible for, who is more mature and responsible than I am.  

As I write about maturity and responsibility, I think I should change the subject.  I won’t be mentioning her in my blog much anyway (though she will be a big, and I think, wonderful part of our lives this year), because she might not appreciate it.  A lot of people wouldn’t like being regularly featured in a blog.  A lot of people, who are not like me.  I have pretty much become resigned to being transparent over the years.  I’ve been working toward “translucent”, with little success.  I could stick to being transparent in my own little sphere without broadcasting it into cyberspace, but I was born transparent with a deep desire to communicate.  Which means I end up eating a lot of shoe leather.

Okay, I’ll fold that wretched laundry for 5 minutes.  Here goes something.



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