Staycation (Written June 22, 2012)


This wasn’t intended to be a staycation. We are supposed to be in Los Angeles today, taking my sweet grandpa out for a Mexicali breakfast, looking out the window at the palm trees, and anticipating a nice get-together with my aunt and cousins. I should have had a nice dinner catching up with my childhood girlfriends and their families. My husband should have been able to catch a karate class with a top-notch instructor 5 miles from my grandfather’s retirement community.

Instead, I am sitting in a folding chair, typing, with my runny-nosed toddler wedged between my knees, whining at me to pick him up. “Mick me mup,” he whimpers, stuffily. I refuse, because I have been holding him half the day, and he whines just as much in my arms as he does on the floor. Besides, he is so hot and sweaty, he slips right out of my arms. 

All right, I caved in, picked him up, and pushed him in the swing for 15 minutes. Then he had a bath in the water table on our deck. As a bath, it was somewhat counterproductive, because he “dropped a log” the size of his arm while splashing around. Luckily, Josh saw it first, so he was on clean-up duty. Now he is napping peacefully in his room. I also ran to Walmart and picked up a couple fans, so the heat (and life in general) is more bearable.

What happened is our whole family came down with a nasty cold right before we were set to fly to L.A.. We decided we couldn’t very well stay at Grandpa’s retirement community in good conscience in our contagious state, so we canceled our flight with Southwest. The airline was good enough to give us the full credit of the ticket prices to use at another time. However, we bought these tickets months ago when they were much cheaper, and the credit we have wouldn’t go very far purchasing more tickets say, next week, so our trip has to be postponed. This makes me very sad, because my grandpa is going on 92 years old, and I haven’t seen him in over a year. It really sucked calling him the night before our scheduled trip to say we weren’t coming after all. Even though he was incredibly nice about it, I felt intensely guilty. 

Well, anyway, here we are having a staycation. Despite the lingering runny noses, it is surprisingly pleasant. One of the hidden blessings of having a sick family is that everyone gets extra cuddly. The dishes remain unwashed while everyone just piles into bed with Mom and Dad and sleeps. We spent Monday and Tuesday doing just that. Josh recovered the fastest, and he went to work giving our bathroom a mini makeover. Fresh paint on the walls and cupboards, a new shower curtain, fixtures, and a curved curtain rod (to make the shower feel bigger), and the tiny bathroom is transformed. He is about 3 quarters of the way done, and it looks so much better. The walls had originally been puke green, then repainted blood red, and now they are a safe, normal “Country Cottage White”. The nasty wood veneer sink base is repainted a silvery sage green with brushed nickel drawer pulls. My hubby is awesome. 

I’ve been busy, too. I’ve almost finished the dress I was working on for my friend Sarah Jo, and I signed myself up for Zumba class. The instructor has an impossibly skinny butt, but she redeemed herself in my eyes by sticking with choreography that even I could follow (for the most part). I had a surprisingly good time and am still reaping the benefit of all those endorphins. 

So, even though I could be in L.A. with my extended family and friends, it’s still pretty darn nice just being at home. In closing, I will include a picture of my hubby and our incredibly hairy baby. I love my cute family. 


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