The World According to Mrs. Podge (Written June 12, 2012)

I like to talk.  I dislike being interrupted.  Hence, the blog. 


Hello, folks!  My name is Mrs. Podge (okay, not really, but I worry about stalkers, liability, and oversharing, so “Mrs. Podge” will have to do) and I live somewhere in New Hampshire.  Okay, right on the border of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  It’s a nice place to live, mostly.

I’m a stay-at-home wife and mom of two infants, starving for more adult interaction than I can get at the moment, and I figured a blog would be a little better venue for verbally (or literally, to be, um, literal) processing all the things that whirl around in my brain.

This blog will be a little bit about mothering, a little bit about crafting, probably a whole lot of venting, and a smorgasbord of everything.  Do you like smorgasbords?  They are kind of like buffets of thought for those afflicted with ADD, in my book, and I am really good at dishing them out. 

I’m trying not to over think the things I write down, as I’m somewhat cramped for time and have about a million other things going on.  For example, tonight I am working on two dresses, for two very dear friends, both named Sarah.  One Sarah picked a lovely floral print for her dress.  The other Sarah picked camo.  Huh.  Well, I’m off to give it a go.

Mrs. Podge


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