Mrs. Podge Does Mod Podge

Santa (a.k.a. my husband) brought the kids an Elmo table last Christmas.  I absolutely detest that furry little rodent with his high-pitched, grammatically incorrect manner of speaking, and I detested his table as well.  My children loved it.  I tolerated it for several months, until its scratches and water damage gave me an excuse to give it a makeover.  I busted out my favorite fabrics and some Mod Podge.

First, I spray-painted the tables and chairs white, so Elmo and his friends wouldn’t show through the fabric, no OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmatter how hard they tried. Then, I sponged a thin layer of Mod Podge all over the top and an inch under the bottom of the table top.  Carefully, I placed a pre-cut square of Jennifer Paganelli’s “Beauty Queen” fabric on top, and sponged Mod Podge all over the surface.



Chair backs, steampunk kitty style.

In spite of my best efforts, there were a lot of air bubbles under the fabric, but they really aren’t that noticeable once everything dried.  Then, I got to work on the chairs.  It was a lot harder to cover the chairs.  I even ran out of the striped fabric and had to improvise by adding a square of blue scrapbook paper to the backs.  This looked uneven, so I added some ribbon and rickrack where the stripes met the paper.  It looked strange, so I Mod Podged some scrapbook borders around the bottom and top.  It looked absolutely ghastly, but I did not notice that until it dried.  I was worried about how I could possibly save the chairs, when I remembered some very cute digital artwork I had seen on Etsy.  Who can resist a good paper cat by JLeeloo?  Certainly not I.  Bubsy and Zee chose the cats and their outfits.  My husband thinks they look creepy, but the children and I love them.  I’m afraid they look yellow in the photos I took tonight, but I just couldn’t wait until daylight to get better photos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decoupaged them onto the chair backs, stuck on some jeweled stickers, and gave the chairs and the table a few coats of acrylic sealant, to make them waterproof.  I ran out of acrylic sealant and used some good old fashioned spray varnish, which was a mistake, because it smells like chemically-induced vomit now.  I suspect that it contributed to my long-suffering husband’s migraine. However, I have high hopes that the smell will fade by morning.  If it doesn’t, I guess we will find out if the sealant is really waterproof, because I will be moving this outside.

I set the new and improved table and chairs up in a corner I had decorated with bunting made from–you guessed it–Jennifer Paganelli fabrics.  I chose a lot of pink and green, because the kids are on a Strawberry Shortcake kick, and like to pretend they are dining at her cafe.  I’m pretty happy with the results.  What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Mrs. Podge Does Mod Podge

  1. Lara B. says:

    Oh Rachel, you had me cracking up again. Well despite some of the ghastly visions you conjured up and how much work you had to do – your table and chairs Look Fabulous! The cats are so whimsical – a really sweet touch! I was just waiting for you to do something with Mod Podge on your blog!

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