So, We Got a Puppy…

So, we got a puppy. Her name is “Mookie”. She is a two month old miniature “butterscotch” poodle, and she is absolutely adorable. I must have been out of my flippin’ mind to have encouraged this. While Mookie is a smart little thing who has, with minimal effort on our end, become housebroken in less than a week, she is still extra work.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She chases my feet unceasingly. At first it was cute, but now I can’t take a step without kicking or stepping on her. My children, who are almost 3 and 5, want to love her to death. I thought they would be so gentle, but all they want to do is pick her up and run with her or squeeze her throat. I’m glad we got her, and I’m quite fond of her, but…where was my brain?

I’m glad we could find an affordable puppy that I am not allergic to. Mookie is pretty easygoing for a miniature poodle, and she has a way of falling asleep in my lap that is makes me want to swear allegiance and undying love to her. I feel like I shouldn’t be whining because I got what I wanted. She is a good thing. It’s just that I’m overwhelmed with good things, which is the best sort of problem to have, I suppose.

DSCN8912 DSCN8931


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