20,000 Words

Yes, I’ve made it to writing 20,000 words (approximately 60 pages) of my novel. I have decided to write at least a paragraph every day, and I’ve stuck with it for over a week. In fact, once I get my paragraph checked off, I feel so good, I go on to write a whole page or two! This is so much fun, and frustrating at the same time. I can feel lost in the story all day, darting away from my children to type out a few sentences on my laptop, before the ideas are forgotten. I can spend an hour writing what feels like the best scene in the world, go to bed triumphantly, and feel absolutely crestfallen when I re-read it in the morning. I often end up re-writing it. I should note, right here and now, that I expend a lot more energy writing this book than I do working on my blog. I love blogging, but am trying to be less of a perfectionist about it, so I pretty much type away without expending hours thinking of ways to say things better, or what is the correct grammatical phrasing. I’m probably breaking grammar rules right and left here.

Sometimes I read what I’ve written so far, and start planning how I am going to spend the enormous royalty checks I’m sure to receive. Other times, I sigh and think: Well, if all else fails, I can always self-publish. Maybe somebody will like it. Sometimes I feel quite proud of my work, and imagine being asked for my autograph at writing conventions. Other times, I try to pick out a good nom de plume, so that no-one will know I write this drivel. It isn’t really drivel, though–at least not in the traditional romantic novel sense. I’m no Jane Austen, but I may be her literary second cousin, once removed. At any rate, I haven’t written anything I wouldn’t have wanted my late grandmother to read. My late maternal grandmother, that is. She introduced me to shows like The Golden Girls and Days of Our Lives. I’m not absolutely certain my late paternal grandmother, a pastor’s wife, would quite approve of my heroine’s sarcastic thought life, and the hero’s occasional potty-mouth.

So, there you go. I’m working on a novel, and I’ve written 20,000 words. The heroine’s name is Caitlyn, the hero’s name is Nick, and the whole point of the book is to get them to overcome enormous obstacles before finding relationship bliss. It is predictable. It is full of stereotypes. It is tremendously fun to write.


2 thoughts on “20,000 Words

  1. theangrybookworm says:

    This post pretty much sums up what I feel about my own writing progress. It’s a love-hate relationship but it feels good to write. I feel happier now than when I did taking a 5 month hiatus from it all. Good luck with your novel – I’m sure it’s fine. Sometimes we’re our own harshest critics.

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