Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag…



Turn it inside out, add a bright bloom, and it turns from Autumn to Spring!

Paisley Roots and StitchART combined forces to design this cute little Trick-or-Treat tote. My friend, Jeanine (of StitchART fame) designed the pumpkin free motion appliqué. There are several design options for the appliqué. I couldn’t find my machine’s quilting foot, so I opted not to do a face on my pumpkin. Other than that, I followed the directions and found that the pumpkin came together quite easily. I’ve always been a little terrified of machine appliqué, but this really was a piece of cake. The bag came together pretty quickly, despite numerous interruptions from my family. I love that it’s reversible. I can see myself making Valentine’s Day themed totes, Easter morning totes…one for every season! My daughter loves it, and so do I. Now to make the larger version for myself… It would make an irresistible shopping bag.

Click on the link below to download your free pattern!

Fabric: Jenny Eliza by Sis Boom

Balancing Writing and Sewing

186 pages. Approaching 60,000 words.

That’s not unimpressive for a year’s worth of work on a rough draft of my first novel. However, I have been stuck at 186 pages for a couple of months. I write a sentence here, then see something I don’t like somewhere else and take it out.

Last month was “Sew Month” for online seamstresses everywhere, and I entered a pattern cover contest in The Scientific Seamstress Lab Group. I’ve been sewing up a storm. It’s funny; when I focus on my story and put aside sewing, I feel immensely proud of myself, but like I have an itch I just can’t scratch. When I sew and sew and sew, my house gets even messier, but I feel more creative overall and feel positive about my story, even though I have less time to work on it, and I feel good to hold something FINISHED in my hands. Housework is never finished. My book is (seemingly) never finished. Taking a snapshot of something I made makes me feel such a sense of accomplishment. However, I also feel guilty for neglecting my story.

I’ve been starting to weave a thread (pardon the pun) into my story about how the heroine loves to sew, and hopefully that will help piece my two loves together.


My niece and daughter modeling Carla Hegeman Crim’s “Stripwork Jumper”.


I love helping little girls feel beautiful!


Pattern by The Scientific Seamstress

Fabric by Sis Boom