Hoo boy. We are in the process of buying a new house in a nearby town and trying to sell the house we live in now. My husband has been rearranging our assets and talking to lawyers and realtors like the grown up badass that he is. My father has been spending the past three days on our steep roof, re-shingling it. My mother spent all day yesterday helping me sort, pack, and toss things. I have what I call “Galloping ADD”, and even though I take medication (when I remember), organization is incredibly difficult for me. In fact, I forgot to take my children to their doctor’s appointments yesterday, and forgot to call and sheepishly reschedule today. And I strongly suspect I left the paperwork I was suppose to fill out for the kids’  new school at the new school. I was really hoping I could leave my ditzy reputation behind me when I moved, but I fear it will precede me into the new town as I call the secretary and ask if I can drive all the way out there to pick up the forms again.

I’m trying not to feel stressed and frazzled about all the things that still need to be done, and all the changes that come with moving. I really hope we can sell our house quickly. It is a charming little house, if I do say so.

My eyes are closing for longer and longer periods as I type. My kids have had a harder time sleeping lately. Bubsy has been getting up at 5:30, and Zee has been waking up at midnight, needing comfort and snuggles. I need eight hours to feel fully alive, so lately I’ve been a “Mombie”. Here’s hoping and praying I can sleep well tonight!!!


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