Mrs. Podge and Zee Get all Matchy-Matchy


Trying to take a picture with my daughter in constant motion.

When my husband asked my 5-year-old son what they should get me and Zee for Christmas, he promptly answered, “Pink matching dresses.” This delighted my 3-year-old daughter’s heart so much, she squealed. I liked the idea, but I didn’t have enough pink fabric on hand to make us both dresses. I also don’t really like the way I look in pink. My brown-eyed, olive-skinned beauty of a daughter can wear just about any color and still look gorgeous. Me, with my pale skin and red undertones…well, pink just makes me look pink all over. I have to stick with cool tones and stay the heck away from pastels. So I made us matching Sis Boom tunics. The women’s version is called “The Patricia” and the girls’ is called “The Sophie.” There are several variations of the top, such as contrasting facing and/or cuffed sleeves, like the yellow and pink one on the left. IMG_1951The tunics can be made dress length, sit high on the hip or anything in between. I’ve taken to wearing comfy yoga pants lately and wanted my top to be a length that covered my derriere.

I used some Sis Boom fabric I had broken my “no buying fabric” resolution for: Caravelle Arcade in Aqua Elyse. Jennifer Paganelli, the designer behind Sis Boom, is a lovely person who is so encouraging as an artist and generous in spirit. However. I swear she stays up late at night planning on how to best wreck seamstresses’ budgets. I saved so much money on fabric until I discovered Jennifer and her marvelous lines three years ago. I used to be content to have a stash of fabric, buy a pattern, and see which print I had would work with the pattern. Now, I see Jennifer’s latest fabric lines advertised on Facebook, and I have to have them. If I can’t think of a use for them, I will invent one, or just hoard them in my closet and take them out every now and then to pet them. People on a budget, stay the heck away from her Sis Boom fabric. Just don’t go there. Whatever you do, don’t look on .

Anywhoo. Here are the tops I made for us. I love the way mine skims my curves. The princess seams are so flattering. I have to say that the Scientific Seamstress patterns almost universally look good on every body type. I have no idea how Carla Hegemen Crim can create patterns that look good on everybody from size XS to 3X. My tunic is dressy, but roomy enough so that I can eat as much as I want to at Thanksgiving!  We went shopping today in our matching tops and gloried in being all cute together. (Warning: my husband took the photos of me, I haven’t been able to find my make-up bag for two days, and my daughter was extra wiggly). You can find the patterns for the Sophie and Patricia at or


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