The Rachel Reindeer


reindeer selfies.jpg

Nothing to see here; just a strange woman taking selfies with her reindeer.

Okay, my small and select group of readers, you know how I love Sis Boom and Scientific Seamstress, right? (It’s kind of hard to miss, given that when I’m not talking about my children, I’m talking about their latest pattern and fabric). So, imagine my joy when I got a Facebook message from Jeanine Thomlinson the other day. She works for Sis Boom and Scientific Seamstress, as well as owning her own company, StitchART. She designed that adorable pumpkin free motion appliqué featured on the Trick or Treat bag I blogged about recently. Seriously, check out this sweet mermaid pattern in her etsy shop:

(I’m going to use it to adorn an apron for my daughter, so stay tuned).


Anywhoo. She was messaging me to tell me she named her latest project after little ol’ ME! Yes, yes, a cute little Christmas reindeer pattern with a red pom pom nose named after ME! And not only that, but this pattern is for Sis Boom! (Cue my maniacal, happy, squealing fan girl laughter. Seriously, just writing it down a few days after the fact has me grinning from ear to ear again, in the dorkiest way possible).

I’ve already given one as a hostess gift (I just added a loop of clear fishing line between the ears so it can be used as a Christmas ornament), and the recipient thought it was absolutely adorable. I think I’ll be giving them out as teacher’s appreciation gifts this year. They are so quick and easy to make. I like to stitch them up when I have a spare moment, and stuff them absentmindedly while watching TV.


This adorable free pattern is now up on the Sis Boom shop! Check it out, and check out the other amazing patterns in the shop while you’re at it, too!


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