The Festive Vest

We’re taking the kids to see The Nutcracker tomorrow, and my five-year-old son, Bubsy, needed something a little bit dressy to wear. His little sister will be wearing–what else?–a tutu, and I was just going to plunk Silas into a sweater and jeans, when I realized he’s been looking a little jealous of all the homemade loot Zee’s been getting lately. Honestly, I don’t usually enjoy sewing for boys very much. It feels more like work than it does play. I’m all about the ruffles and floral fabric, baby.

However, I remembered I had the Scientific Seamstress “Festive Vest” pattern on hand. You can get your pattern here:

I’d already made one vest–airplane themed–for my little boy. Here he is, with the Scientific Seamstress “Easy Fit” pants.

This time, I thought he’d like one with his new favorite person, Santa Claus, on it. I made it reversible, Santa fabric on one side, and red, green, and white stripes on the other. While I was at it, I also snapped up the free “Bosco Bow Tie” pattern from Sis Boom.

The bow tie came together in about fifteen minutes, and the results are absolutely precious! I can see adapting this pattern to make cute little bows for barrettes or to accent a handbag. The vest came together in about 45 minutes, start to finish. He’s also wearing some navy blue Easy Fit pants, but he insisted on tucking them into his beloved galoshes, so I didn’t get a full shot of them. The Easy Fits take only about fifteen minutes to make, and come with a ruffled and cuffed version, too.

My son is on the ASD spectrum, and despite his high level of intelligence, it’s very difficult for him to tell the back of his pants from the front of his pants. I LOVE that the back is exactly the same as the front in this pattern. One less thing for him to struggle with. So without further ado, here are some photos of my little love bug in his new duds. Baby sister crashed a couple of shots.

It’s difficult to see, but Bubsy is holding a stuffed reindeer made from another Sis Boom freebie, the “Rachel Reindeer”.


P1019156.JPGOur tree has half a dozen. My kids love them and are always taking them off to play with them. I’ve made over a dozen of them for teacher’s appreciation gifts and have promised to make some for relatives, too. Absolutely in love with that little pattern.

Get it here:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!


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