Playing “Fashion Photographer”

12009587_10153210057176245_5247593270830494000_nEvery now and then, I get the urge to play “fashion photographer”. I’m the kind of person who always has to be imagining something, or life seems a little flat. Sometimes I like to imagine I am a soon-to-be highly acclaimed photographer and designer, seconds away from being discovered and whisked away to work for Elle or Vogue magazine. Fortunately, I have some dear friends and family members who humor me by letting me dress them up in clothes I’ve made (I let them keep the clothes) and costume jewelry, and pose patiently while my camera snaps away.

Of course, I need to take about thirty photographs to get one good one, especially when kids are involved. It is difficult to get your adult subject situated in the most flattering light when your children are grabbing hers by the hand and leading them toward a muddy river bank. It is near impossible to get small children to hold a pose, especially when they would rather explore the scenic area you want to photograph them in. I resort to bribery, and when that fails, I chase them around, taking photo after photo, hoping one of them turns out well. I try to photograph all my subjects between 5:00 and 7:00 PM, when lighting is the best, so at least I won’t have harsh shadows or washed-out faces to deal with, but that isn’t always possible. People have schedules to work around.


Some children are easier to photograph than others. My daughter is always ready to turn on the charm and is usually very amiable about posing, but my son often turns sulky when I whip out the camera. I’ve given up trying to get him to smile and either photograph him stealthily or just accept that he is going to look sulky in his new outfit.

I feel very blessed to have such photogenic family and friends who let me imagine I’m some big shot photographer as I take their pictures with my oldish, reliable point and click camera. Maybe one day, I’ll take a class or two about photography and invest in a better camera, but in the meantime, I pick up tips on Pinterest and do the best I can. It’s lovely to have some great pictures of the people nearest and dearest to me. Thanks for the fun times, guys!




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