The Patricia Tunic

I’m Rachel, and I’m super excited to take part in the Sew for the Holidays blog tour with Sis Boom Patterns! 14992016_10154736038224532_4809584453422002730_nI offered to write a post about The Patricia Tunic, because it’s one of my favorite patterns. (Okay, I say that about every Sis Boom pattern. I honestly don’t know which one is my favorite). I love it because, as a tall, broad-shouldered woman, it is really, really hard to find made-to-wear tops that fit. I’ve tried to make tops for myself with patterns from other companies, but even when I go by the measurements, they pull at the armpits and are too tight around the ribcage. I find this pattern to be very true to size, and it only needs the most minor of adjustments to fit my big-boned frame. I simply add a quarter of an inch length to the top of the shoulder seams, and make sure to mark the same adjustment to the facings. Even without that little adjustment, the blouse still fits me pretty well, but I’m a perfectionist! This pattern is super quick and easy to stitch up–it took me about 3 hours from start to finish (including cutting out the pattern). It would probably have taken less time if it hadn’t been for frequent interruptions from my two young children. I really like how the princess seams kind of smooth over my “problem areas”. There are also a lot of different things you can do with this one patten. You can put the facings on the outside for contrast, and there are different sleeve options. The tunic can be a shorter length or can go to your knees, if you want it to. I keep intending to make a breezy beach coverup from crinkled cotton gauze, and a nightgown from soft flannel. I made myself another tunic in blue, and one from the little girl’s version, the Sophie.


Here I am with my little daughter, in our matching tops!

The girls’ pattern ranges from size 6 months to 12 years. The women’s pattern ranges from size 0 to 26. Here’s one I made in a cotton batiste with 3/4 sleeves. I love how using different fabric changes this pattern up. The batiste was nice and breezy, while the cotton ones were crisper and more structured. 13886307_10153822686241245_9111147400852053029_n
 And here’s one I made with contrasting collar and cuffs. Sadly, it got caught on a jagged edge and tore irreparably before I could get a clear picture of it. Such a shame–it was such a great top: 10502131_10152307691391245_5274180507655581464_n

So fun to get to take part in the “Sew or the Holidays with Sis Boom” blog tour! I would recommend this company to anyone! Here are some more pics in my latest tunic in Sis Boom’s most recent line, Hotel Frederiksted. I am LOVING the birds.


I think Santa approves of this pattern, too! Check out the links below for some great crafting blogs that will be featuring more Sis Boom patterns. Happy Holidays, and happy sewing!
Here are the links to buying the patterns online:“>Nov 15 – MrsPodge.…“>Nov 17 – Anna’s Heirloom.“>Nov 22 – Handmade Boy.“>Nov 29 –  Seam of my Pants.   Dec 1 – Shanna’s Blog.…“>Dec 6 – Sunflower Seams.“>Dec 8 – A Crazt Craft Lady.“>Dec 13 – Glitter in My Coffee .…“>Dec 15 – Troop to Tots.“>Dec 17 – Cookie n’ Bees.

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