Seasonal Sewing

I just love sewing for my little daughter, who is almost 5. She recently went through a terrible (for me) phase in which she didn’t want to wear anything I made. She’d pick out the fabric and the pattern, and when I gave it to her, she’d say “No thanks, Mommy. Maybe one of my cousins will want this.” So, I backed off and didn’t make her anything for a few weeks. Eventually, she forgot I wasn’t cool and started asking me to make her things again. I played it coy and pretended I was too busy to make her anything at the moment, which worked like a dream. Soon, she was begging me to make her clothes again! I made her this dress to wear to an upcoming Christmas concert at her school. It can be worn in any season, simply by adding a shirt or cardigan.

She loves the roses! I love the vivid blue against the white, and the pale blue dainty lace-like pattern that covers it. The fabric is from the Hotel Frederiksted line, and is called “Krysta” in white. The sewing pattern is Sis Boom’s Gabriella Fae, and there are multiple sleeve and bodice options available.

I thought Zee could use some more Christmassy items in her wardrobe, so I made her a Leighanna Peasant Top in some more fabric from the Hotel Frederiksted line: “Sophia” in pink. I just love the Sophia with it’s birds, nests, and leaves. As you can see, my daughter is delighted with it, too! I went with the ruffled sleeve option, and added some pretty pointed lace to the sleeves and hem. It looks pretty and casual with her blue jeans, but would look really dressy with her stretch velvet leggings. The Leighanna is a really fast pattern to whip up. It can be completed in half an hour, if your children are napping or absorbed in a television show.


Leighanna Peasant Top and Easy Fit Pants.

I made her some cute flannel pajamas using the Leighanna top and Scientific Seamstress’s “Easy-Fit” pants pattern. These pants are the quickest sew ever, and can be completed in as few as fifteen minutes, if your children are properly distracted. There are multiple options for the pants pattern, too. I was going to give the pajamas to her for Christmas, but I felt like taking pictures, and Zee needed something non-stained and non-pilly to wear to her preschool’s pajama party next week, anyway.

The patterns I used can be found here:

Thanks for following along on my sewing adventures, and Happy Holidays!


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