Focus on Photography

DSC00089 4.jpgI got a new camera a few days ago, and I’m super excited! My old one was giving me some trouble. My photos lacked the clarity they once had, and the ability to record sound was broken. My camera also began taking really washed-out looking pictures in optimal light conditions. I’m a rather klutzy person and I dropped it a few times. And forgot it in the car overnight during subzero temperatures. And kept carelessly leaving it next to the microwave. And accidentally left it lying next to a package of powerful magnets. The more I think about this, the more I think I should give my new camera to someone more deserving…so I’ll stop thinking about it and resolve to not be an idiot with my favorite toy this time.

My husband got me a green screen backdrop and a beginner’s light kit for Christmas (he is seriously the world’s most thoughtful man), and I want nothing more than to play with my new equipment all day. Unfortunately, though, this past month I’ve been fairly incapacitated. I’ve been having  painful gallbladder issues since early December, and had three procedures to remedy the problem, ending with having my gallbladder removed laparoscopically just two weeks ago. Even though I’m still a bit sore, I’ve gained a lot more mobility over the past three days and have been delighting in taking pictures. The above photo is of my six-year-old son. He was recovering from a slight stomach bug, and looked a bit paler and had darker rings under his eyes than usual. But I assure you that his blue-green eyes really are that big and beautiful. I didn’t edit this much. I minimized the spaghetti sauce stain on the edge of his mouth, and, when I wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped, I converted the photo to black and white, played with the levels a tiny bit, and sharpened the photo slightly. Oh, and I removed evidence of his runny nose.


Here’s a photograph of my son and four-year-old daughter, playing in the woods by our house. They fight like normal siblings, but are very affectionate with each other.


Here’s a photo of my lovely little daughter. She looks a little anxious in this picture, because she was trying to build a house of twigs and straw (a la the Three Little Pigs), and it wasn’t coming together to her liking.

Here are two photos of my children hanging out in my room. The pictures are cluttered (like my room), but I love them they were taken when we were having so much fun together. Zee confiscated my glasses, and proceeded to wear them while putting on an impromptu ballet. Bubsy had the giggles and was extra cuddly. My husband (not pictured) was playing guitar in the background.

I’ve enrolled in two photography classes (non accredited)  at a nearby community college, and they start very soon. I’ve always loved photography, but have never really know my way around a camera, especially the manual settings. I also know shamefully little about lighting. I’m quite excited about the chance to learn more!


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