My Favorite Sis Boom Dress Patterns

I’ve made probably close to one hundred dresses in my life, and hands-down, Sis Boom Pattern Co.’s are my favorite. The pattern sizes really correspond well to the wearer’s measurements. I’ve had to do almost no tweaking at all to get things to fit. Above, you can see the Jenny dress, both made from Sis Boom fabric. There’s a side zipper that isn’t really visible in the photos. The dress can be made sleeveless or with cap sleeves. These took me about 3 hours to sew, from start to finish.

The blue dress, I went off the wearer’s measurements that I’d taken a few months prior. She’d lost weight and forgotten to tell me, so the dress was about a size two large. An elasticized belt gave it more of the fitted look I was originally going for. The pink dress was made going from the wearer’s recently taken measurements, and fit her like a glove. I’d never sewn for her before, and all I had to do was cut out the pattern pieces from her corresponding size. It all worked perfectly. The only adjustment I made was to cut the waistline pattern piece so it sloped in half an inch.

The dresses above were made from the Carolina Mae pattern. It comes with sleeve variations, but I think it looks best without any. It can also be made with a plain bodice instead of a ruched bodice, but I really don’t like the way it looks plain. There’s also a sweet little bow in the pattern. The girls’ version is the Gabriella Fae, below.


Sis Boom’s “Gabriella Fae” dress in “Jenny Eliza”

My favorite of the Sis Boom patterns in the Angie, because I can make it in an hour flat. There are no zippers or buttons to fuss with. It pulls right over your head. I’ve easily made half a dozen of these. It also comes with pockets!14572607_10153979508571245_2055295651_o

There are several more Sis Boom dress patterns for women that are really, really cute, but these three are my absolute favorite!

You can buy them here:


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