The Devon Peasant Blouse


Just a quick blog post on my go-to top pattern, Sis Boom’s Devon Peasant Blouse. I usually make it in quilting cotton, but last week I made myself one in some batiste I had kicking around. Batiste is lightweight and perfect for warmer weather. Of course, I made it on the coldest day of winter, but I was looking ahead. My husband took the pictures with my camera phone. He brings out the silly in me. Sadly, my Sony did not survive my children playing tug-o-war with it.

Here’s another version of this that I made in Sis Boom’s Judith’s Fancy quilting cotton. I don’t usually make clothing from quilting cotton, but Sis Boom fabrics are very soft with a nice drape. The Devon is a super fast sew. I have never made it without my children nipping at my heels, but with them, it takes between 1-2 hours, start to finish. Without them, it would take 30-45 minutes, but that’s only speculation.


My daughter is wearing Judith’s Fancy, too, made from Sis Boom’s Sophie Tunic pattern. I love how our outfits coordinate without exactly matching. As you can see, she’s too cool to smile. Or have her bangs trimmed.DSC03348

I’ve been having fun this winter, playing with Judith’s Fancy. The fabric lends itself well to embellishment. I whipped up some zippered pouches and liberally sprinkled them with Hotfix crystals.


Here are the links to the patterns:

Flannel Jammies


I whipped up some pajamas for my 5-year-old recently. Each set of pajamas took 45 minutes, start to finish. That includes printing out and assembling the PDF patterns. I probably could have finished each set in half an hour, but my children and dogs are famous interrupters. I love how they turned out. They’re so comfy, my daughter lives in them on weekends.

I used Sis Boom’s “Leighanna” for the top, and Scientific Seamstress’s “Easy Fit Pants” for the bottoms. I like that the Leighanna can easily be lengthened into a cute nightgown.